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  • Production and Finance since 2015

    Born To Be Blue - Ethan Hawke

    Born to be Blue

    Finance, Post, Inserts

    Blaze - Ethan Hawke


    Finance, Production, Studio

    Jeepers Creepers 3

    Jeepers Creepers III

    Finance, Production, Studio

    Jeepers Creepers 3

    Back Roads

    Finance, Production, Studio

    Jeepers Creepers 3

    Quail Hollow

     Production, Finance, Studio, Post

  • About Us

    Just two years old, Ansgar Media is a newly formed entertainment company – head quartered at Village Studios, in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Ansgar has a fairly broad remit but its initial focus is on creating compelling film and television projects that aspire to thrive globally.


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    Own production resources

    Sound stages in London, Louisiana and Canada.

    Camera equipment, 3D 360 rigs, Drones, Post production facilities, DI Labs,  35mm LABs in US and Europe,

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    Cloud based asset management

    Media management and content production collaboration paltform

    Cutting edge distributed workflow and seamless worldwide delivery.....

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    Rock Solid Team

    Our production family consists of best of the best from around the world

    In house: DIT, Drone, IT, UPM, Locations, Production Office Support, Editorial and VFX

  • Studios

    All three studios have private air strips and accommodation on the property

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    Louisiana, US

    A very unique Film Studio in the heart of Louisiana, just 15 minutes from Baton Rouge airport, but in a serene and tranquil rural setting. Village Studios is a carefully crafted creative environment and the ideal place for film and television productions; quiet, focused and with excellent accommodation and transport links, including a private airport next door. Village Studios is constantly developing and expanding.


    Known for: Magnificent Seven (Denzel Washington), Free State of Jones (Matthew McConaughey), Bad Country (Willem Dafoe), Long Hot Summer (Paul Newman), Final Girls (Alia Shawcatt), Dream Boy, Desire in The Dust, Alvarez Kelly, Jeepers Creepers 3, Blaze

    Black Hangar Studios Largest Green Screen in the UK

    London, UK

    The range of onsite services reflects a dynamic creative pool; online, offline, VFX, CGI, 3D, locations, catering, camera hire, digital intermediate and digital cinema mastering.

    Our superb stage is uniquely positioned on a 500 acre airfield near Basingstoke, not far from central London (45 minutes) and right in the filmmaking cluster zone (Shepperton, Pinewood – but outside the M25.)


    Known for: Star Wars: Rogue One24: Live Another Day (Keifer Sutherland), Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (Ewan MacGreggor), Dark Tide (Halle Berry), Breaking The Bank (Kelsey Grammer), Ra One (biggest Bollywood film of all time), Dr Who, Miracle Landing on The Hudson, Born to Be Blue (Ethan Hawke), Top Gear, Peter and Wendy,

  • Services

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    Locations or sound stages - we've got you covered.

    Set support on all stages. Crew. Transport. Locations. Camera equipment rental. DI equipment and QTake. Craft services and catering.

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    Post Production

    Thanks to our unique workflow we can edit as we shoot.​

    With our unique workflow we can process footage in real time, on set. With mobile internet links, this is uploaded in real time to our FTP and RAID, for rushes/dailies and of course editorial. Everything is backed up daily to LTO7.

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    CGI and VFX

    Local and international talent, with review rooms in multiple cities.

    CGI and VFX labs with an industry class renderfarm and production pipeline. Through our strategic tie ups we have the ability to provide review in Los Angeles, London and numerous European cities.

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    Resolve Clipster Speedgrade Davinci

    DCI Compliant Barco projection system on site, with a 30 seat cinema. Full size theater screen. For Grading, QC review and Screenings

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    International or domestic. DCP or ONLINE services

    We ensure fast delivery according to local and worldwide standards. Multilingual subtitling. DCPs can be created in real time, for same day delivery. All tape formats and file formats are catered for. Additionally we are one of the only 35mm labs in the world capable of creating show prints in real time, from virtually any format.

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    35 mm Lab

    There is a difference between a film and a video

    We are one of the last remaining places who can print 35mm. From execution to delivery - film can still be film, not video. Amazingly, it's cheaper than HD too!

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    Aerial cinematography

    Drones of all shapes and sizes up to 32K RAW 360

    Catch the shots from our vastly experienced aerial cinematography unit in many recent movies (including Star Wars). Ready for architectural, industrial or event flights as well.

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    Helping productions access and maximize the Louisiana incentive

    We have an in depth knowledge of the local incentives - which are alive and well. Louisiana combines deep crews, wonderful locations and a world class tax credit / film incentive system. Need help cash-flowing the credit?

  • Connect With Us

    Ansgar Media @ Village Studios, 4626 Highway 68, Jackson, Louisiana, 70748

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